Find the Asymptotes y=cot(x)

For any , vertical asymptotes occur at , where is an integer. Use the basic period for , , to find the vertical asymptotes for . Set the inside of the cotangent function, , for equal to to find where the vertical asymptote occurs for .
Set the inside of the cotangent function equal to .
The basic period for will occur at , where and are vertical asymptotes.
Find the period to find where the vertical asymptotes exist.
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The absolute value is the distance between a number and zero. The distance between and is .
Divide by .
The vertical asymptotes for occur at , , and every , where is an integer.
There are only vertical asymptotes for tangent and cotangent functions.
Vertical Asymptotes: for any integer
No Horizontal Asymptotes
No Oblique Asymptotes
Find the Asymptotes y=cot(x)

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